Adult Students

Our Adult Students have a sense of pride with their completed items

The student below attended the pattern drafting course and learnt how to draft a skirt, trousers, a free-style blouse and a darted blouse.

A very interested student learns the basics of pattern drafting a freestyle and fitted bodice, a skirt and trousers

Sewing a dress for a 3-year old child

Made a peasant blouse for herself

This lady drafted a salwar kameez suit and was getting ready to cut her fabric

Learning how to use a Commercial Pattern to make herself a blouse.

Proud of her pyjamas - her second project

Here she is proud of blouse she made.

First project - a beautiful drawstring bag

Dungarees for her daughter

This girl used an "Easy" Commercial Pattern to make herself a top.

This lady attended a 2-day workshop, and learnt how to use a machine, stitches and stitch lengths, presser feet and other interesting topics, and made a beatiful cushion cover to take home