Why your child needs to learn how to sew

When you think of the skills that you want your children to develop, you might have a list that includes dancing, playing an instrument, taking part in some sport, or using a smartphone. One thing that you may overlook is TEACHING YOUR CHILD TO SEW.

​ In earlier generations it was not only common but required that children learned how to sew, knit, embroider and do other types of handwork. While your child will rarely need to create his or her own wardrobe from a bolt of fabric and a spool of thread, there are real benefits to investing the time and resources to teaching your child the art of sewing.

​ Besides the obvious benefit of being able to sew on a button or hem, a pair of pants sewing will help your child develop important life skills that will help them time and time again. They develop finger dexterity and fine motor skills, build their self-confidence, learn problem-solving, patience and perseverance and also have a social creative outlet for meeting with friends.

​ After learning basic techniques your kids can learn how to sew their own clothes. They would be proud to wear something they have made on their own and to their style and fit. They would save a lot of money on buying expensive clothes that often don’t give them the right fit. Sometimes the result is spending more money on alterations than the original item cost.

​ The benefits of sewing are numerous. So bear in mind that teaching your child to sew should also appear in the Top Ten list of things you would like your child to learn, Sewing should absolutely be one of them.